Valuation Roll

2019 - 2024

The official Valuation Roll covering the period from 1st July 2019 to 30th June 2024 has been published and the appropriate Notice has been placed in the Mpumalanga Provincial Gazette.

Objections to valuations can ONLY be made by the owner of a specific property on the official form which can be obtained from below.   All objections must be received by the Municipality not later than close of business on 26th March 2019.   Objections must relate only to a single property thus where an owner has multiple properties and wishes to object, multiple forms must be submitted with supporting evidence.   The DRA is unable to make a ‘bulk’ objection though various aspects of the Valuation Roll will be taken up with the Municipality and, hopefully, the official independent Valuer.

It is suggested that a copy of an objection is made and stamped by the receiving Municipal office to confirm receipt.

According to the Act, the valuation will remain in effect - and rates levied accordingly - on the new valuation until such time as a decision on the valuation has been made.

Click HERE for link to official Valuation Roll on the municipal website

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